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  Scootie's Haircut - Page 2

Just in case you weren't convinced about the adorable nature of the lock-shearing, here are some more pics. We can't imagine letting him get huge and hairy ever again, especially after reviewing these photos!

Oh, I KNOW I'm cute!
Pin back those ears!
Posing for the Camera
A Much Happier Boy
Oh yeah, he knows
Lean to the left ...
(or is that right?)
Oh, right there, Joe!
Scootie loves being scratched!
Pant, pant, pant
Joe finds some skin
See the little guy?  I think it's my brother!
Even Chex (l) is amazed at Scootie's (r) new look.
Time for some zzzzz's
Sacked out on his sack
I'm the big brother again!
Checkers (l) proudly poses with his littler brother (r)
I am so comfy!
The picture of coziness
I am SO asleep!
Look at that fan tail!
Help! I've fallen and can't get up
Stretched out in all his blond glory
It's OK.  My legs are under me.
Uh oh. Did we cut off his legs with all of that hair?
He was right here....
Checkers (l) looks around for the old Scootie (r)
Ha!  Chex doesn't know it's me!
All right, I guess I'll pose with this little guy.
I'm as little as my big brother now!
We just can't get over the difference
So there's a little reflection in this one!
What in the world?
Definitely enough to make another puppy.
Oh! There's the rest of our dog!
(The clippings bag - lots of hair)
I'm such a cutie!
Scootie's pretty happy with his new look
I'm still the Fatboy!
Less hair, same belly
See my tongue hanging out?
Scootie in motion!
Scootie gives in
Can't -- stay -- awake.
No chance of recovery
And now I can't ...
What are you lookin' at?
... wake ...
... up ... zzzz
I'm asleep again
We must have really worn him out!
Yes, I'm still asleep
Look at that white, white fur.
Are you zooming in on me again?
How can there still be so much hair there?
I see you!
He opens his eyes to see what we're doing ...!
I don't care what you're doing!
And decides he doesn't care.
Not a bit.
Doesn't care one bit!
Oh, that's soft!
Scootie finds the flannel!
There's no disturbing him now.
My Sam and Joe love me so much.
Sweet dreams, baby boy :)

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