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  Sam's Mom

Checkers and his Beloved "Lady!"
Checkers and Lady had a special bond ...

On October 8, 2002, Sam's Mom underwent surgery to repair some degenerative disks in her neck. Okay, so Sam's a bit over-stressed. So is Joe, as Sam's Mom is Joe's beloved Aunt, too (if you've read "about us" so far, you already know this little tidbit).

Sam and Mom when they were both -- 'er -- Younger!

This is a clipping from a newspaper in 1958
Quote from Sam's Mom!

Checkers, Scootie, Pooka and Snickers have added their tiny woofing voices and daily prayers to the litany of well-wishes.

We appreciate any thoughts and prayers that you can send our way. Although we trust the doctors and their skills, we still place our faith in God and His watchful eye.

Sam's Mom has been doing extraordinarily well -- her doctors are very pleased with the progress that she is making. We all think she is such a brave person; and have the utmost respect for her as she continues to recover from this procedure. We love you Mom, Aunt and LADY!

Sam's Mom has always been BEAUTIFUL. BOth inside and out. She is a very generous person who easily shares her warmth, friendship and companionship with untold numbers of people.

Sam can readily call on MANY memories from childhood in Washington State ... when Sam was constantly told by friends that they all thought that Sam's Mom was "So Pretty!!!" They were all CORRECT -- she IS STILL BEAUTIFUL !!! Sam has never forgotten that memory, and has always been proud of the person that Sam's Mom is, has remained ... and will always be.

Sam has been very fortunate, and that is something that Sam tries very hard not to take for granted. Sam counts Sam's Mom as one of Sam's closest friends.

Now ... (Ladies, especially!) ... if you need a little giggle, check out that little newspaper clipping!! Find out what life was like in 1958!!! Here's the text of the article, dated March 18, 1958: "Miss [name withheld to protect the innocent!],typist, at The Pentagon 'A boy grows up having good meals prepared by his mother. Naturally when he marries he would like to have his wife prepare meals comparable to his mother's. A girl working closely with her mother in the kitchen can acquire skill for preparing that she could not acquire only from recipes.' "

Mom. Is that how you got Dad? Cool! I know you ARE a great cook ... !

To THIS moment, YOU KNOW I still treasure "One-of-Those-Days Chicken! " MMMMMMMMmmmmm!

Editorial Note: BWAHHHHHHH!!! Just try to even THINK that now. I dare ya. Sam's Mom knows that Sam is NOWHERE NEAR - not even in the vicinity or zip-code of -- that statement!!!! Fix your OWN dinner, Bubba!!! Have I mentioned:
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