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  Checkers and Weezie!
!!! News Flash !!!
Checkers the Studley Bachelor Pomeranian has his Heart Stolen by
Beautiful Canadian Vixen Pup!

(Sorry Ladies!)

The little lovebirds!

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Checkers used to fancy himself to be a great "ladies pup." I mean, how could he help it? All the ladies love him, yet he remained incredibly modest. He would happily roll on his back for ANY tummy scratch from anyone!!!

Well, being the adventurous pup (or eVenturous, if you check his eVentures webpage), one night he was cruising "the net" (he doesn't surf). He's always checking out the premier "Pomeranian" sites. Looking for the hot little pups, you know?

He always considered himself immune from the charms of the ladies. Surprise! Checkers fell in love. Weezie. Weezie. Weezie. She stole his rapidly-beating heart.

As soon as he saw her picture, he knew. He sent her an email (those little toenails sometimes get in the way of typing, but he does pretty good). He was beyond words (yes, he does talk) when she wrote back! Now, he is smitten and is really rather loopy. Suddenly flowers dance inside his head, love songs play when he thinks of her, and letters are surreptitiously carried to the mail box. (He thinks he's getting away with something, but he ain't.)

Weezie lives with Sue at Heartfelt Pomeranians. You can visit Weezie at her own page or view all of Heartfelt's site ... but you can't "have" her.

She's "Checkers' Girl!"

Checkers thinks about Weezie day and night ... and we even managed to capture one of his dreams. Digital cameras ... they even capture dreams ... see ...?


SIGH ...   

If only Weezie didn't live ...   
about 3,000 miles away!!!

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