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  Checkers' Grand eVentures!
Checkers believes that the quickest way to expand his mind (and to get him an actual real date with Weezie, his girlfriend in Canada) is to have many diverse experiences.

This most certainly includes his work with the amazing SpongeBob SquarePants.

Checkers is proud to tell the world about his admiration for this cartoon character, and he delighted in the small supporting role he played in one of SpongeBob's shows on Nickelodeon.

Are you ready kids? Aye, aye, Captain! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ...? SpongeBob Squarepants!! Wanna hear the theme song?

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Hunka 1 and Hunka 2!

Now, if you've arrived at this page through Checkers' section, you'll remember that Checkers is named CHECKERS ... because of Sam n Joe's love of auto racing!!

So, it is only natural that Checkers the Wonder Pup would want to be a race care driver. If you look carefully, you will see Checkers sitting on Swede Savage's No. 42 Cuda.

Checkers is just beginning his racing career, and is hoping to be able to learn from THE BEST!

What a multi-talented pup! Checkers was proud of his roles in both "The Exorcist" and "Jaws" (respectfully referred to as 'dunna dunna' in our house). We are share that -- while Chex CAN turn his head upside down -- he CANNOT turn it around 360 degrees.

Now THAT would be scary.

Checkers is happy to have a chance to play to his appreciative audience, and show you a proud example of his ferociousness.

Grrrrrrrrrr! See the mean, vicious, four-pound Pomeranian!!!

Most will quickly recall Checkers' famous role in the movie "The Blair Witch Project." He won't talk about it very often ... choosing to keep his experiences private. He does, however, occasionally shake, cry and try to run ... in his sleep. We always gently wake him and hug him tight.

We respect his wishes and feel incredible sorrow that he has such a difficult time dealing with the memories. These things require special care, as he is such a tender pup. Just ask him.

Extra cuddling and tummy-rubbing have been in order ever since the experience. He was, after all, one of the only creatures to make it out alive ... we are so grateful ...

But I COULD wear that suit if I wanted to ...
Checkers found himself wondering if "Ooops, she'd do it again" when he was helping Britney Spears yell  (er, woof!) the famous words:

"Gentlemen, Start Your Engines" for the 2001 Pepsi 400!

He figured that, if she forgot, he could sure woof loud enough to get 'em going! He is, after all, "related" to racing, with his name being Checkers, you know.

(By the way -- Checkers is the one NOT wearing the skin-tight leather outfit; but striking the incredibly limber pose.)

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