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  Checkers' Third Birthday

Okay, so the pups in our house LIVE for birthdays -- so they can have CAKE! Hey, it's healthy, it's pup-food, and it makes them happy!

We're all about making our pups happy!!

As always, the cake was purchased and delivered from the kids' favorite place: Three Dog Bakery!


Checkers - Wondering WHY
he's being woken up
You're waking me up ... why?
This better be good ...
Oh, great.  Is Scootie gonna get to it first?

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Oh MAN, that smells good!
Okay, I can't stand it.  I'm gonna spin around like a top!
Okay, I'll Beat Up
My Turtle in Anticipation!!!!
NO!  Give it to me FIRST!
Oh, THAT looks GOOD ...
If I had lips, I'd LICK 'em! Oh wait!  How's this??
Look! I'm CUTE! Gimme CAKE!
Gimme! Gimme!!
No, NOT him!  ME!!
It's coming CLOSER!
It's almost here!
SEE?  It's for ME!
3 - 2 - 1 ...
Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!!
I get the WHOLE thing, right?
Can't Talk Now. Busy.
Wait! I want that part!
Scoot and Chex Gnosh ...
AND that part!
And gnosh ...
I gotta go over here to chew ...
And gnosh ...
GET AWAY! MY cake!
Touch that cake again, I kill ' ya ...
Oh, FABULOUS! Here comes SISTER.
And Pooka arrives, fashionably late for the party ...
Okay, guess there's room at the trough.
Oh! Cake!!!
Snickers gobbles from in the IGLOO!
Snickers. Always demure.
OH!  Is THAT what everyone's so excited about!
And well mannered.
Brother makes an exit.  Must be where the CAKE is headed.
Is there more?
Okay, I can't STAND it!
But I LOVE the cake!!!
Is HE getting something?
I've had plenty. Just look.
SO intense!
If I'm gonna eat out of the same plate, I'd better eat FAST.  Scootie can out-eat ANYONE.
Oh MAN this is good!
My own! My own!!!
Don't even THINK about it, Scootie.
Oh, MAN, this is good!!!
Yum yum ...
Can't talk now.
Uuuummmm yum ...
Can I chew faster?
Mmmmm mmmm ....
Naw ... doubt it.
Three-Dog Bakery is the BEST!
Oh,this is SO good!!
Even The Igloo approves!
The igloo concurs.
And eats quickly ...!
Between bites.
Checkers displays how to get lost in the world of cake eating
Ummm, mmm, hummmm.
Which is becoming a competitive sport
Wow. Great cake!
And will be shown for the first time at the next Olympics
HEY! Get away!
He swears he can out-last Scootie.
It's MY plate to lick!
Who usually crashes and burns within 10 minutes of a meal ...
And it's GOOOOOD!
Future Olympic Champion Eater!
I said ... get away!!
... and he's going down ...
And the birthday boy crashes ...
I am SO FLUFFY!!!!
What's he doing?
... for the count ...!  Full, warm tummy!!!!
Oh, rub my legs, rub my belly ...
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